Monday, April 27, 2009

It might As Well Be Spring

I have spent the past two months in South America. The month of March was spent in Beautiful Buenos Aires. In April i travelled through Uruguay and Brazil up to Rio de Janeiro. One of the cute things i found while travelling was the adorable panda shower cap pictured above. I discovered the panda shower cap while on a short trip to Paraguay, and just had to buy it. I like how the one panda has one mouth and the other is sadly lacking one.

I also enjoyed the use of colour in Brazil. I think that more boats should be painted pink and orange. How can you not love the dolphin detail on the front, lower corner of the boat?!

My favorite stop of the trip, by far, was Rio De Janeiro. One thing I left Rio with (other than tons of Havaianas for my friends and family) was a deeper love of Bossa Nova. I have always been a fan of the musical style, but now my fandom is growing into a small obsession.

When i arrived home i was a little surprised to discover that spring had not fully sprung yet. So, to put myself back in the warm sun, with a caipirinha in hand, i listen to bossa nova.

Sylvia Telles (pictured at the left) was a popular Brazilian vocalist in the 1950's and 1960's. While Sylvia Telles began her singing career prior to the bossa nova movement, she came to be one of the voices associated with the music. Tragically, Telles past away in a car accident in 1966.

clickity click to hear Sylvia Telles sing It Might As Well Be Spring!!!!

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