Sunday, April 26, 2009

thank-you for being

R.I.P Bea Arthur. A true original. 


andrea jean said...

I always related to Dorothy the most.

Sadako said...

I didn't know all that much about her, but I've always liked and admired Ms. Arthur. And I know that Maude was the first (and one of the only?) shows to portray a woman having an abortion, without chickening out and doing the miscarriage thing or painting her as some strumpet. That's worthy of respect in my book. You're one in a million, Ms. Arthur.

love,gidget said...

Bea Arthur had such a great dry wit! i love how the character of dorothy would make those quick jabs at blanche and rose. Golden Girls had a great team of writers and actors!

I totally agree with you about Maude Sadako! Maude was such a groundbreaking show.