Monday, December 7, 2009

Cute Calendars Pt.2

If yesterdays post did not provide enough cuteness, here is more in calendar form!


Flapperdoodle has amazing original prints, and an adorable calendar that features flappers. Love. It. clickity click to follow the link!!!!

Look at that adorable August elephant! Just look at it! Joo Joo is the creator behind this sweet desk calendar. clickity click to see more!!!

Kitty Rogers has made this darling desk calendar to showcase her amazing photography. clickity click to see more pics!!!

Night Owl Papergoods has created an amazing eco-friendly desk calendar. The calendar is printed on sustainably harvested yellow birch wood. clickity click to learn more!!!


Sadako said...

That elephant is a real winner. Along with the penguins hugging. :D

curator of cute said...

so true! I just want to reach in and give the elephant a hug!