Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cute Calendars Pt.1

I love shopping for new calendars! I started a new tradition three years ago of always getting my mom a new calendar as part of her Christmas present. 2010 is offering up some amazing calendars to choose from!

Karmic Pixie is offering these adorable downloadable penguin calendars. For $5 Karmic Pixie will email you the pdf file for both the wall and desk calendars. clickity click to see karmic pixie's store!!!

ali design is also offering some sweet downloadable calendars for 2010. I am smitten with the mini deer one she created. clickity click to follow the link!!!

Elsie, of the store Red Velvet Art, has created an amazing calender that features her original paintings. I love how colourful it is! clickity click to visit RVA!!!!

If you are looking for a more subdued desk calendar, the Delphine Letterpress calendar may be the one for you. The calendar features elegant soy-inked based illustrations for each month. clickity click to see more photos of the calendar!!!!


Sadako said...

I keep meaning to buy a calendar every year and I never ever do. I think I might actually do so! these are worth it.

curator of cute said...

they are sweet. I always judge a calendar by how cute my birthday month is :P

Sadako said...

Me too! I always flip ahead to my month and make sure it's awesome.