Thursday, May 8, 2008


i am sure you have heard santogold's name being thrown around amoung hipsters. Perhaps you have heard her song 'creator' floating about the interweb. i suppose you could say that Santogold has one of the 'it' sounds at the moment. But don't let that deter you from checking her out! The album is a great mix of different inspirations. At times it is a surprising mix of sounds and genres. While she is being compared to M.I.A (she shares some producers, like Diplo, and 'creator' does have a strong beat force like M.I.A) she really is mixing styles to create a sound of her own. She is not simply attempting to be the next M.I.A. For example, 'Say Aha' has a create rhythm and features ska like horns in the background.
clickty click to have a listen.
I just love the cover of her album (then again, i do have a soft spot in my heart for glitter)!

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