Monday, May 17, 2010

Retro Kitchen Love

I had a glamorous weekend filled with banana oatmeal cookies, scooter pies, rose sorbetto, and vanilla gelato. I spent Saturday and Sunday in the kitchen baking, and stirring iced desserts. I am not sure why I had such a strong impulse to bake (one that could not be quenched by baking just one batch of cookies). Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of cute kitchens today!

i love the retro mint stove!!!!

photo by Holly Abston

This time it is the retro fridge that gets me!! I also love the orange accents!

photo by gojeffrey

1 comment:

Sean Zio said...

Gidget baking?!? What have you done to my friend? -- It's marvelous!