Monday, January 18, 2010

Penguin Waffles!

I love them.
Breakfast food is so great 'cause it easily lends itself to cuteness. This penguin waffle maker is amazing! It is manufactured in Australia. How lovely would it be to have someone special bring penguin waffles to you in bed? As lovely as Audrey Hepburn with her pet deer. Clickity click to get your own!!!
p.s.-special cute out goes to the lovely gina for telling me about the amazing penguin waffle maker!!!


My Dear Darling said...

omg!!! how cute! :D so where can i get one of those waffle makers?

curator of cute said...

i fixed the link in the post :) So far i can only find it on a site from new zeland. The maker is made by Woodles. I think i might start watching for it on ebay. It is just too awesome!

gina said...

the ultimate in cute! i heart! i heart!