Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Girl Annie

It seems like forever ago (2007!) that Annie's debut album 'Anniemal' came out. It also seems like forever ago that her second album was to come out on Island Records. Although the album was never officially released, a version of 'Don't Stop' was leaked and it was amazing!!The great news is that 'Don't Stop' is going to get an official release from Smalltown Supersound Records on October 19 (uk) and 17 November (us). The official version is going to feature three new tracks that did not appear on the leaked version of 'Don't Stop'. The first single from the album is the fantastic track "Songs Remind Me Of You". It is just too bad that the video that is on youtube does not reach the heights of amazing that the song does.

Now, let us take a step back to the past when Anniemal was released. This album reminds me of a crush i had. For a while everytime i saw my crush this album was playing and he would sorta groove along. so cute! too bad he had a gf at the time.

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