Friday, August 28, 2009

Cha Cha Charming

I am still in shock over the fact that the gifted songwriter Ellie Greenwich has passed away. Ellie Greenwich co-wrote many of my all-time favourite songs. Ellie Greenwich perfectly captured the crush feeling in song. The first time I heard the Ronettes sing Be My Baby i thought someone had read my diary and eloquently put it to music. Actually, the very first time i heard that song i was a little kid and thought boys were icky.....but you know what i mean.

Ellie was not only a songwriter, she was also a great singer. Clickity click to hear Ellie (under the name Ellie Gaye) singing Cha Cha Charming!!!!!

Here is a clip of the amazing Tina Turner doing an electrifying performance of the Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Berry/Phil Spector penned song "River Deep Mountain High".

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Sadako said...

Hear, hear! I love all that old Wall of Sound music, and Be My Baby is my favorite song of all time. This is one of my favorite live versions:

So great. RIP Ellie!