Monday, August 17, 2009

All the better to hear with

I am need of portable speakers. I have found that portable speakers come in very handy while one travels. Recently i was on a train journey with a friend and we were the only ones in the train cabin. Some speakers would have been perfect to turn our run-of-the-mill train journey into a Soul Train Dance Party.
To get this job done the speakers should be cute, right?! Here is a selection of some cute speakers that may be perfect for the next train journey!

Cute Kitty speakers are purrrrfect! From the reviews I have read they are not only cute in appearance but also have a decent sound quality. You can find the cutie cute speakers here!

If you are not a huge fan of kitties you could always hook up your mp3 player to a winking penguin. Your tunes can not be much cooler than when they are being pumped out of a penguin. He is even wearing an adorable red scarf. You can find the penguin speaker here!!

A speaker does not have to be in the shape of an animal to be cute. JVC Japan has some sweet speakers that are splash proof! They were designed for people who like to listen to music while taking a relaxing bath. They would also be great by the pool! The speakers are available in pink, baby blue, and white. clickity click to find them!!!

Oh balloon speakers, i love you! Why do you have to be so expensive (about $80) and only available in Japan (though you can be shipped to me)? So perfect you seem for biking, walking, or roller skating.
clickity click to learn more about the balloon speaker!


My Dear Darling said...

Those are all definitely cute! :D Luckily I have a stuffed animal penguin that my sister got me and he's a speaker! He has these cute headphones on his head but instead of the actual headphone part, it's made into a speaker.

curator of cute said...

That sounds like an amazing speaker! I love it!