Friday, May 1, 2009

Style Cutie: Doris Day

The first Doris Day movie I ever saw was That Touch of Mink starring Doris Day alongside Cary Grant. My mother told me she thought i would like the film. I was in junior high and loved Classic Hollywood films (still do :). i instantly fell in love with the bright cheery blond in fabulous clothes. Doris Day had a care-free smile that made me feel like smiling (which is a difficult
thing to accomplish, me being a girl in grade seven at the time, i did not feel like smiling very often). I later learned that Doris Day's life was not so care free with four difficult marriages, abuse, and near bankruptcy.

Doris Day knows how to wear a bob. I love it! Be it a bob with cute bangs, or a teased immovable helmet on her head, she always looks fabulous and adorable.

Day's outfits were always carefully put together, every detail made to compliment Day's persona.

After viewing That Touch of Mink, i devoured the Doris Day filmography and fell in love with the Rock Hudson Doris Day collection of films. Their real life friendship leaped off the screen.

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for Doris Day inspired outfits!

A cute jacket with a bow (Erin Fetherston for target coat! even though her collection from target is long gone, ebay is always very useful for finding clothes that are no longer available in stores!) is pure Doris Day charm.

A simple summer dress with a crisp collar! With red lipstick and cute flats, you got a bit of Doris Day in your step. Dress is from Forever 21!

Cute yellow bolero from Flutter's etsy shop!

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