Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute Mop

I am a fan of bringing a picture of the hair i covet to the hairdressers. Even if i am just going in for a bit of a trim, i like to give the stylist the idea of the look i am going for. That, or I love to just give the stylist absolute creative control (but that is only when i really really trust the stylist). When I was looking for pictures of cute hair I came across the Mop Shots site. Mopshots features everyday people who submit a picture of their haristyle. You can vote if you heart the style. If the hair is cute you can click the heart and give the style a vote. There is a panel of dictators that choose which photos are featured on the site. The hair dictators also comment on the looks and explain why they like them. Clickity click to visit MopShots!

1 comment:

andrea jean said...

Fun site! I've been meaning to get my hair cut, so this is good inspiration.