Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not to alarm anyone but i think the new girl is evil

This is a story of uncute.
I am training a new person at work. On the first day of their training the new employee sat at their new cubicle and glanced at the computer screen that sat in front of them. Before their eyes was an adorable panda cub that seemed to be walking toward them just begging to be hugged (refer to the picture above). What did the trainee do???? Quickly they explained that they were going to change the computer wallpaper!!!! Swiftly the new employee deleted the panda cub and replaced it with a picture of a flippin flower. Clearly she is, at least partly, evil.


Pink said...

i trust you have seen this:

andrea jean said...

what's that about?! you can't hug a flower!

p.s. i like the heart cookies header :)

love,gidget said...

Pink, i love the panda sneeze! it's the cutest! great little youtube clip to brighten up a drab boring day.

Andrea jean - i know right! I was shocked to see someone look at a panda cub picture and feel the immediate need to remove it.