Saturday, February 7, 2009


Guess what? A week from today is Valentines day. Now, i know some people dislike this "hallmark holiday" and choose to scoff at it and shun it. I think February 14 is best celebrated rather than ignored. I love the use of red and pink and hearts galore in the retail world. Its about love, and i love love. If you do not have a romantic partner to celebrate with, so what! Just get some fellow single friends together to celebrate being friends and giggle while watching some of your favorite movies. Or, have your own single pals dance party and do as Lady Ga Ga says and Just Dance.

To prepare for Valentines day i am going to post some Crushable songs!!! Each day a new song about having a crush. To kick things off i present to you Ciara's song C.R.U.S.H Obvious? sure. Awesome? you bet. I love how Ciara doesn't over sing a song and lets it maintain a laid back vibe. clickity click to listen!!!!


andrea jean said...

Don't know if this is on your list, but I thought of "You've Got a Crush on Me" by the Donnas: "You've got a crush on me / and it's easy to see / that you write about me in your diary!" :)

Gina said...

I'm so excited too! Valentine's Week is here!!! Thanks for doing some motivational posting - looking forward to your posts all this week!

love,gidget said...

Gina - i am so happy that there is someone else who enjoys Valentines Week!!! It is just too cute to ignore.

Andrea- Great suggestion! i totally forgot about that song!