Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Can't Stop The Swedes

The pop music coming out of Sweden in the last couple years has been phenomenal!! Those swedes sure know how to construct a perfect pop melody. Who can forget everyone's favourite whistle (ok, maybe second fav. Axl's patience whistle is still number one for me, but that song has a very different whistle vibe and is accompanied by sweet sweet dance/swaying moves) song Young Folks?! I am sure you have all heard about how Peter Bjorn and John leaked the first track off their soon-to-be released new album, Living Thing, to Kayne West. Kayne enjoyed the song Nothing to Worry About so much that he decided to share it. How sweet of Kayne :)

The song is infectious! Replace a whistle for some children singing/chanting, add some sweet drums, a sing-a-long chorus, and don't forget the clapping and you got a pop hit!! clickity click to listen!!!

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