Thursday, January 8, 2009

praha past

It being a new year, i can not help but think a bit about the year that just past. That lead me to look at some pictures from the past year. At the start of '08 I was living in Prague. One of the things i miss about Prague is the beautiful buildings that you would randomnly stumble upon. I especially like pretty pink buildings like the one above!

One of my favorite buildings was what i dubbed the 'tree of knowledge building'.
i don't remember where it was. i think i walked past it while attempting to navigate myself to an apartment i was going to scout and maybe move to. The detail is so beautiful and i found it really inspiring the moment i saw it.


My Dear Darling said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the details in the building. I wish I could travel the world! How long were you there for? Or do you still live there? :D

love,gidget said...

i lived in praha for 7 and half months. It was fun, and some of the buildings are beautiful. It is def. a great place to visit :)