Monday, December 8, 2008

I was looking for a new party necklace....

I do not know what is cuter! Is it the heart necklace from
Fun Is Cool, or is it Sarah's (the creator/artist/Shop owner of Fun Is Cool) description of the necklace?

Sarah's words:
"This necklace is made from many small peachy pink and white hearts made from paper/card sewn together. Sometimes i wear one of these to parties and people try to kiss me. But I say no don't kiss me. And then they say oh sorry. Other times I make my friends wear them too so we are a cool hearts club".
I am so in a cool hearts club, i should get all the members a necklace so we can make a statement at all the parties in town. You can find the handmade hearts necklace at the Fun Is Cool Dawanada shop. clickty click to follow the link!

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