Friday, November 14, 2008

Hockey sticks and balls of steel

Oh Girls Aloud, you slay me. I just do not understand why you are not super stars in North America. In 2007 the Girls performed the theme to the British film St. Trinian's. The film is about a girls school with anarchistic teachings :p Seriously, i have got to see this movie. i love teen flicks!
The campy theme that is sung by Girls Aloud was composed to not only be played during a movie, but to be sung along to in a car. It's just too fun. I giggle every time i hear Girls Aloud sing that they are "Defenders of anarchy". I am just dying to sing the song at karaoke! Too bad my karaoke hang doesn't have it :( i guess i will just have to continue singing it whenever i find myself driving in a car alone. clickty click to listen!!

Trailer for the movie!


andrea jean said...

AND the movie has Colin Firth! I definitely want to see it now :)

love,gidget said...

he is delish!