Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's All In The Packaging

I recently checked out the new HL Fragrances by Gwen Stefani and while the jury is still out on the actual fragrances (at the moment i would say that the Gwen fragrance is my fav. with it's coconut smell, but i have to check them out again and give more time to one scent at a time) i must say the bottles are ridiculously cute.
BUT, I was thinking that the design would have been even cuter if the bottles were a set of nesting dolls instead of fragrances. For one thing you would get all of them for the price of one. Secondly, not everyone is into wearing perfume, and the nesting dolls are for anyone who enjoys adorability.

The website that was created for the HL Fragances is fab. It features a karaoke section. If you time, check it out. clickty click to follow the link!

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