Saturday, June 21, 2008

It is June 21. That means it is officially summer.
It is now time to relax by the pool or at the beach.
Run, skip, and play. Ride your bike all around town. Perhaps you may stop by your corner store and pick-up the oh-so perfect summer treat....a Popsicle. I use to ride my bike to the summer corner store all the time to buy Popsicles, gum and Mr. Freeze's in the summer. I always had to search the freezer for banana Popsicles 'cause they were the yummiest and hardest to find. But i wasn't too picky....cherry, grape, and orange were all good to me.
Once i made my way back home i would eat my Popsicles, freezes (saving the gum for later) and listen to New Kids On The Block or Madonna.

Now, this summer, i am able to listen to the beloved New Kids sing a new song all about Summertime. NKOTB have returned, and Donnie is as cute as everY

It is Little Joey Joe who sings my fav. summer NKOTB jam (not to be confused with my all around fav. NKOTB jam which i will share later)
. Since I love Popsicles, it is only painfully clear that i would adore a song called 'Popsicle' where joey joe describes his girl to be as sweet as a Popsicle. This song is pure Bubblegum Pop Gold. Don't believe? Have a listen.....

clickty click to hear Popsicle.

Do you think New Kids will play any of the songs from their first s/t album in concert????? One can hope, right?


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