Thursday, June 12, 2008

Girl, you got style

Remember when SJP's Bitten line was launched in Steve and Barry stores last year? You may recall how some critics thought the line was too boring. Perhaps said critics expected more flair. I thought that it was a great concept and really showed promise as a line of affordable (and i mean AFFORDABLE. hello, everything under $10) clothing for women of all sizes.

I will confess that i have a BF crush on SJP (you know, you totally crush out on someone 'cause you think they would make a super fab friend. You want to shop and gossip with them and watch movies while eating swedish
Once someone asked me what plans I had for the future. i replied that my goal is too be more ladylike in the style of Sarah Jessica Parker. I am fairly certain that was not the answer the individual was looking for, they were expecting something more professional sounding like 'i plan on completing my degree and then applying for graduate school and becoming a very successful professional person in the world'. Whatever, point being i admire the way SJP carries herself. She seems very down to earth and humble. I love the fact that when she decided to design a clothing line she focused on making affordable clothes for women. I love love love the fact that SJP actually wears clothes from her line! Above is a picture on SJP at a premiere wearing a Bitten dress.

I am currently lusting after a couple pieces in the Bitten's Spring/Summer line. I, unfortch, do not live near a Steve and Barry's so the clothes are not in my grasp.

I think the summer dresses are super cute.I would wear this yellow dress (minus the grey shirt) to a garden party.

Another adorable summer dress made for frolicking in the summer sun with an oh so cute sweetheart.

Bitten is also great cause it offers separates that one can mix with their wardrobe at home to create their own look. i personally can never get enough vests.

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