Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sounds Lovely

Portable speakers are great for travel. Spring is coming up, and after that comes summer. All obvious statements, i know. But portable speakers are amazing for the summer. Who doesn't love carrying some music with them to the beach? What about when you are in the garden picking out weeds? Then there is always the great ritual of sitting out on the balcony catching the somewhat cool evening breeze, you need music for that, right?!
Luckily, there is a large selection of Portable speakers out there for all of us to investigate. While browsing on Amazon i found these great little speakers with changeable faces. The Creative I-Trigue 200 speakers allow me to change the color of my portable speakers whenever i desire. i love the pink, green, and blue faceplates. i like that i can change the coulour to suit my current situation. i am in the garden, that means i need green. I am sitting on the beach...hello! blue is what is needed. I am sipping cocktails with my friends on a balcony, i think pink sets the mood.

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