Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grow On Trees

Lately i have required a ridiculous amount of costume jewelry. You know, any necklace that features a heart, or earrings that feature hearts, or bracelets that feature............you get the picture.

I have a very limited wardrobe at the moment, and very limited funds to match. Accessories
are a great option for making an outfit 'new'. Unfort, i have nothing to showcase my accessories on. That means i spend too much time looking for the other half of a perfect pair of earrings. Or, my necklaces are so very tangled it takes a good five minutes to separate them from their bond. i have nothing that aids me in keeping my jewelry organized. Nothing like the amazing trees that Urban Outfitters currently have for sale. If my earrings were hanging from a tree it would be sooooo much easier to decide which pair to wear. The Trees can be found here.

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