Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Jane Austin Book Club

The title is deceiving.

Yes, the book is about a Jane Austin Book Club. But, the title brings to mind a cheesy, quickly written novel directed toward the 'Bridget Jones' readers (p.s. i love Bridget Jones. Great book. But the onslaught of wannabes attempting to cash in has been astounding). A Jane Austin fan may find it even harder to pick the book up. "pfff...please. trying to cash in on the love people feel for Jane Austin. Tacky". Yet, the book is well written, and displays the power literature can have in our lives. It is a quick read, but an enjoyable one. If you are a fan of Jane Austin it is recommended even stronger. Stop scoffing and take a look.

i know a movie is coming out based on the book. i don't know if i think the book will translate well to film, but i am trying to stay open minded.

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